Hope for Today

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Teresa Tomeo on Nov 08, 2012
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NesterovResurrectionSmI received an email from one of my listeners yesterday who is 23 years old. I just loved it!  I wanted to share it with you because it is very uplifting.  We need to remember that no matter what lies ahead, Christ has conquered death and sin.  T.


Hi Teresa!

I am a recent fan of yours.  I listen to you on the way to work almost every morning - I have to sing/rock out and/or pray out in the car. Your fire and passion for spreading the message of Jesus is infectious.  I mean this in the best way - if my vocation is for marriage - I hope my wife can illuminate the faith like you.  My mother had introduced me to Catholic Radio less than a year ago, and haha, I've been hooked.  I'm only 23, and I find Catholic Radio to be my crutches.  

I wanted to call on your show this morning, Wednesday Nov. 7th, however, I'm unable to remember the number to call whilst driving - too much multi-tasking!  My reason for calling was to comment on our election.  I sympathized with the heavy hearts of our fellow brothers and sisters, as they lamented on America's presidential decision yesterday.  Yes, it's disappointing, but it should not be shocking to us.  I wanted to share my feelings.  Yesterday, I was praying all day on the Goodness that will come to this election.  I trusted that God would help us.  On my drive home from work last night I reflected on this election, the wave of relativism within our culture, and the timidness some of us on expressing our faith. Strangely, somehow I felt reassured no matter what the results would be.  Either way it would reflect God's Divine Providence.  

A reelected Obama may initially strike fear in us, but I believe we should feel empowered to a degree because that is a manifestation of God's trust. The Lord trusts us that we can handle and overcome the adversity ahead of us.  He trusts us and loves his people, and will see us through this difficult period of our country, world and Church. I don't believe an elected Romney or any future Republican leader would or could extinguish the flames of secularism.  Anti-Christian sentiments will continue until it settles, so we must be prepared for a long trial ahead of us.  

One of your callers held some of our bishops responsible for not influencing enough Catholics to vote properly; asking what the bishops ought to do. My question to her is "What will you do?"  This is our time as Catholics, Christians, laity, Children of the Most High!  We ought to reclaim the Christian virtue of hope during this year of faith; because with it we can survive.  Our goal is not to live comfortably here on earth, but to live in the Kingdom of God.

As our world turns to persecution and hatred as ways of living us Christian, I know for a fact things will resolve.  These difficulties will dissipate because compared to God, they are microscopic.  The Lord Jesus Christ is always with us.  I am only a just young post college grad, but I hope the words of one my favorite saints, St. Francis de Sales, and better articulate what I mean to express.  St. Francis de Sales says, "Do not fear what may happen tomorrow. The same loving Father who cares for you today will care for you tomorrow and everyday. Either he will shield you from suffering or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it."

Teresa, thank you for all your hard work and love you share with us.  I hope my email didn't take up too much of your time.  I just wanted to share my hope, my optimism that we will prevail.  

I'll keep you and the rest of Catholic Radio in my prayers.  Keep up the FAN-tastic work!