We Have Been Chosen For Such a Time as This...

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Teresa Tomeo on Nov 21, 2012
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“Give thanks in all circumstances.”320px-Thanksgiving-Brownscombe

(1 Thessalonians 5:18)


Not feeling very thankful these days even with Thanksgiving only days away? Take a number. Join the club.  You’re not alone. I could go on with the clichés, but I think you get the point. Many of us are feeling anything but thankful right now. We’re battle weary and are wondering where we go from here after our core beliefs took a real beating on November 6th.



But we should always be thankful because despite everything we still live in the greatest country in the world, and we have been chosen, as it says in the Old Testament Book of Esther, “for such a time as this.” It is a time when all of us can have a direct impact in changing our culture and providing a better future for those coming up behind us. “What can I do,” you might be asking, “that can possibly make a difference?” So glad you asked. Well, since the only person we can change, with God’s help, is ourselves, that’s where we start.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 7 to “take the plank out of our own eye” before we point to the speck in our brother’s. That means we make sure we are doing all we can to be the best we can be spiritually. We go back to the cross. We examine our conscience. We make ever more frequent reception of the Sacraments. We build ourselves up spiritually. That’s the first place we start. Then we do our part to help the Church in this Year of Faith to promote the New Evangelization. Recently, apologist Dr. Marcellino d’Ambrosio was a guest on my show discussing ways to strengthen the Church and revitalize the culture. He posed a really good question to my listeners; when was the last time you invited someone to Mass? He wasn’t speaking of those someones in the choir. He was speaking about a neighbor, the estranged family member, or the co-worker who hasn’t been to church in years. It reminded me of my own long journey home back to the Church. It started with an invitation to a Bible study. It was actually my husband who received the invitation to a men’s Bible study. He said “yes” and that “yes” eventually led us both back to the Church and the rest as they say is history. 


I am currently in Poland on a speaking tour and feel so humbled to be able to share the gospel message in Europe.  I am so happy my husband Dominick, who just became a deacon, is joining me.  It is amazing to me how much Poland is becoming - God help us - like the United States. I thought they would be much more willing to hang on to their strong Catholic heritage given what they gone through in the last century. But instead they too associate "freedom" with sexual license and radical feminism and also are becoming more materialistic. The people here have shared with me that with every year that passes since the death of John Paul the Second, the nation's faith gets weaker and people are forgetting him. I don't know what kind of impact I can have here this week but I pray that I can at least remind them of the incredible gifts they gave the world in the great saints of JP II, Faustina, and St. Max Kolbe. Please pray for me.


So go ahead be thankful in all circumstances.  Continue to work at really growing in your relationship with God and then step out of your comfort zone and extend a faith invitation. It may not sound like much, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of efforts, movements, and activities in which to get involved especially as we move closer to the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. For now we need to revitalize our own forces and God willing grow the ranks.


Onward Christian soldiers and Happy Thanksgiving.