Catholic Witness in a Nation Divided

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Teresa Tomeo on Dec 31, 2012
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            conference-ad   What happens now? Where in the world do we go from here?  What is 2013 going to bring to the country and the Catholic Church?


               These are just a few of the questions that came flooding in to Ave Maria Radio following the November elections. The concerns were based on a number of issues that came to light in the election most notably that 40% of Mass attending Catholics voted for President Obama; a President who champions at least two intrinsic evils including abortion and the redefinition of marriage.  Why such a disconnect?  Well that’s another question that keep coming up and just one more reason as to why the radio apostolate decided that some type of conference or gathering was needed to help Catholics re-group, assess, heal, and most importantly move forward in a brand new year, the continuing Year of Faith, with hope and determination rather than helplessness and despair. 



               Catholic author, apologist, and talk show host Al Kresta, who also serves as President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio decided that bringing Catholics together for a major brain-storming and goal setting event would be one important step in reuniting the Church especially where the core teachings are concerned, and re-building the culture.


               Since we all tend to at least try to start fresh each year why not put this upcoming meeting on your calendar. The date is January 12th, 2013.  The location is Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  In addition to Al Kresta and me, Ave Maria is bringing in a long list of speakers, who are on the front lines in the battle for souls and lives; Fr. Frank Pavone, Dr. Monica Miller, Dick Thompson, Dr. Greg Popcak, Fr. Robert Sirico, Deal Hudson, and Robert Muse just to name a few.


                “This is an opportunity to refocus our efforts from the culture war model to a Catholic discipleship model. Whether or not the culture war is over, I can’t say.  I know that because of Christ’s promise in Matthew 16:17-19 the war for souls is not over and that battle takes place with the Church not the state as the central actor,” said Kresta.


               This conference is also a great lead in to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. and the Walk for Life on the West Coast.    So please start the New Year out with a plan of action; a plan to attend events that will not only inform but uplift, energize, and provide you with the spiritual and intellectual knowledge for the journey that is ahead of us.   To find out more and to register for this important gathering visit our home page at  Tickets can be purchased directly at .


               Hope to see you there.  Happy New Year!