A Grim Anniversary

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Teresa Tomeo on Jan 24, 2013
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Prolife signsI landed in Washington Wednesday night looking forward to meeting up again with so many of our fellow pro-life warriors.  This is always such a bittersweet event.  On the one hand the huge numbers of participants is always encouraging, and is definitely a necessary shot in the arm for those of us on the front lines. We need the friendship, encouragement and support. We are gathering here not just to meet, greet, pray, and strengthen for our life saving causes, but we are marking an anniversary that is so ugly, brutal, and grim; the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that gave us legalized abortion in this nation.  It is a ruling that resulted in the loss of the lives of 55 million babies.  It's a decision that has taken a huge toll also on the women and families connected to abortion and it is a decision that continues to lead society down a darker and even more macabre path.


Just to give you an example of how far we have sunk in terms of the world's twisted view of so called women's "freedom" and "choice" take a look

at the sick video produced celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe.  The video features a very handsome man sitting with a drink in one hand and a rose in the other.  He is talking to the camera in a very seductive tone.  He refers lovingly to the Roe vs. Wade decision as "baby".  He smiles and toasts his "baby" grateful for their being "together" for 40 years!


Okay, can we just stop this madness and think about this for just a minute?  Of course the man in this video is smiling?  Why shouldn't he be grinning from ear to ear?  Legalized abortion has given men more freedom to sexually use and objectify women!  Men can do what they want with whomever they want without any responsibility attached!  Those who promote contraception and abortion will say that women have the same "freedom." Oh really?  If that is the case why isn't there a cancer causing birth control pill for men?  Why aren't men put in the position of having to "choose" to kill their unborn child?  Why are women suffering more in terms of sexually transmitted diseases?  This is freedom?  No this is what "choice" really looks like.


Go ahead and view the pro abortion video.


Then take some time to read the powerful reflections from an incredible holy man who knows what real freedom for women really looks like.  One of our very sensitive and insightful bishops, Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver is very open concerning what originally changed his heart and mind on abortion and eventually led to him taking his Catholic faith much more seriously.  In addition, he has written an incredible article on what a truly pro woman society should look like.  What a gift this man is to all of us, especially those in the Catholic Church?


Finally, I leave you with yet one more resource; an article that documents what the "pro-choice" mentality has given us.  The piece is from the Pontifical Council of Laity which hosted the Vatican Women's Congress I attended several years ago.


As we mark the 40th anniversary of the legalized slaughter of the innocents, I encourage you to really take these resources to heart.  Ponder them. Pray about them.  Be shocked and saddened by the pro abortion video and use the positive articles to motivate you to do more for the pro life movement.