So Who Designed Your Bucket List?

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Teresa Tomeo on Oct 30, 2013
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GBL260x391You’ve probably been asked about the “what” when it comes to your bucket list; top goals to accomplish, dreams to fulfill, or fantasy items to obtain before you kick the proverbial bucket. Maybe it’s the chance to own that villa in Italy or the south of France. Maybe it’s finally taking that dream cruise or going on that African safari. But how many of us ever stopped to consider the “who” when it comes to drawing up that list?


In a sense I guess I did but the answer wasn’t very deep. As a matter of fact it was pretty typical of the life I was living before I came back to my Catholic faith. If someone had asked me about the designer of my list I would have responded quickly and proudly with “well me, myself, and I of course.” Those few words pretty much summed up my life’s philosophy back then; an approach that led me down a destructive and empty path even though on the outside everything looked just fine.


There is nothing wrong with having dreams and goals. There is nothing wrong with desiring a nice home or a wonderful or even exotic vacation. However, as I found out, there isn’t one item on our man made bucket list that will give us lasting happiness. That only comes from a relationship with God.


That is why I am really hoping people will grab a copy of my new book “God’s Bucket List: Heaven’s Sure-Fire Way to Happiness in this Life and Beyond.” My goal is to help readers re-focus, reprioritize, and re-orient their way of thinking. Of course since God is the Alpha and the Omega, and since He never dies, this bucket list is not for Him. After all, the creator of the universe is not exactly in need of this list, or any other list for that matter. Instead, it is for each one of us and it’s unique. But how do we discover it? How do we go about achieving true joy and satisfaction in this life and discovering God’s will, which in the end is the ultimate bucket list item?


A big part of discovering God’s bucket list for our lives is to first discover God. Some of us may already have a relationship with Christ, but since we’re still here that means God isn’t through with us yet, so this book is an opportunity to get to know Jesus even better and to make sure you’re still on the right track. For others it is that big first step in a very good direction.


Readers will learn more about how to hear the voice of God more clearly. They will gain courage to grow in suffering and they will also get some good basic advice on how to make sure they are tapping into those God given talents to be the best they can be.


Wherever you find yourself along this beautiful journey called life, I hope you come along by packing a copy of this book in your spiritual luggage. As I found out many years ago when I finally turned the reigns over to God: we’re in for one heck of a ride. Challenging and even confusing at times, but never a dull moment.