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June 11th

Alexander House

Marriage Conference

Performing Arts Center

Austin, TX

Teresa Tomeo &

Deacon Dom Pastore

Guest Speakers

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June 17th-26th

WINE & Shrine Pilgrimage

Tour of Great Female Saints

Teresa Tomeo, Kelly Wahlquist

& Sarah Christmyer to

Rome, Assisi, Norcia & Siena

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August 13th-22nd

Pilgrimage to Poland in the

Footsteps of Sts. John Paul II,

Faustina & Maximillian Kolbe

Steve & Janet Ray

and Teresa Tomeo

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September 1st-8th

Canonization of Mother Teresa

Pilgrimage w/Steve & Janet Ray

Teresa Tomeo

Rome & Assisi

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Take It From Teresa

Teresa Tomeo is considered one of today's leading contemporary Catholic thinkers and teachers. Here you will find her popular Eye on Culture column published through Our Sunday Visitor newspaper as well as her thoughts and reflections on issues of the day.

  • Stop the Noise: Country Singer Says Our Tech Addiction Drowning Us

    Teresa Tomeo on May 13, 2016
    Tagged in: gadgets

    iphone 450x299When speaking in Germany in 2006, Pope Benedict XVI addressed a growing crisis — one that was impacting Catholics as much as the rest of the world. He was referring to the problem of too much noise. The noise, he said, was preventing believers from hearing the voice of God.


    Put simply, we are no longer able hear God; there are too many different frequencies filling our ears.” The pope emeritus probably isn’t aware of it, but he has an unlikely kindred spirit in an American country music star. Kenny Chesney makes his living off of music carried across the vast technological landscape, but if you listen to the lyrics of his latest hit single — appropriately entitled “Noise” — Chesney most likely would give a thumbs-up to Benedict’s concerns. Apparently, even an award-winning country singer needs a little quiet now and then...


    This is an excerpt from Teresa Tomeo's article “'Stop the noise' Country singer points out our culture’s obsession with gadgets and technology has gone too far”  published at "OSV Newsweekly" on May 11, 2016. To read more Click Here.


  • Does Your Catholic Conscience Have the Muscle to Make Good Decisions?

    Teresa Tomeo on Apr 28, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Christ in the House of Martha and Mary Henryk SiemiradzkiAs Catholics, we hear over and over again — especially during an election year — that we have to vote our conscience. Unfortunately, according to a new and extensive survey, even Catholics who say they pray daily, attend Mass at least once a week and “consult their conscience,” it appears they have no idea what “voting one’s conscience” means — or what conscience itself means.



  • St. Catherine, Girlfriends, and Other Saints: You've Got Friends in High Places

    Teresa Tomeo on Apr 27, 2016
    Tagged in: Saints

    St Catherine of Siena

    It's amazing how long it took me to really appreciate the gift of the Communion of Saints. For too many years I put and kept the saints somewhere off in the distance on say, a spiritual shelf of sorts. They were also, quite literally on a shelf growing up in a traditional Catholic and Italian American home. There were the ever present statues of the Queen of all saints, the Blessed Mother, along with St. Anthony and of course, the ever popular St. Francis of Assisi.


  • Trump Abortion Punishment Stance Against Women Provides Incredible Teachable Pro-Life Moment

    Teresa Tomeo on Mar 30, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    IMG 4223It’s my solemn hope and prayer that every post-abortion healing ministry, every pregnancy resource center in this country, along with every other pro-life organization out there, will see Donald Trump's statement Wednesday on punishment for women who have abortions as a huge teachable moment. When I first learned of Trump’s comments concerning post-abortive women I immediately thought that this would do a lot of damage to the pro-life movement.



  • Mother Angelica Blazed A Trail For Women In The Media

    Teresa Tomeo on Mar 28, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Mother Angelica w dates 350x350

    Foundress of the World's Largest Religious Media Network Dies on Easter Sunday


  • It's Not The Devil, It's God In The Details

    Teresa Tomeo on Mar 23, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Not the Devil but God in the details pin 3-23-16I don’t know about you, but the old cliché, “the devil is in the details,” really bugs me. Why? Because the truth of the matter is that the Truth, as in Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is the one who is in the details. As it says in Luke 12:7, “every hair on your head is counted.” It’s something to really ponder and pray about especially during Holy Week.


    Maybe your Lent hasn’t been as spiritually fulfilling as you had hoped. Maybe you haven’t hit the prayer or Scripture reading goals you set for yourself. Maybe you’re struggling with fear and doubt given the news out of Belgium regarding yet more terrorist attacks. The great thing about Jesus is that He is the God of first, second, third chances, and then some. His mercy is indeed new every morning. So here is an idea or an activity for you. As we move toward the Triduum this Holy Week, try to put aside that doubt and fear, and fill yourself with the love of God. You can start by thinking about how Jesus has revealed Himself to you. Think about the intricate details of the many encounters, or as I like to call them Godcidences, you’ve had over the years. I am sure there are many times where these encounters have been little miracles filled with details that only the good Lord can arrange.


  • Trump on Planned Parenthood: Fact vs. Fiction

    Teresa Tomeo on Feb 26, 2016
    Tagged in: Untagged 

    Trump on PP Fact v fictionOnce again, because of misinformation in the news along with major political and media spin, one too many Americans have come to believe that Planned Parenthood is a truly wonderful organization that is all about serving women. With a major election looming before us this needs to change. Unfortunately, the most recent GOP debate didn’t help matters much. 



  • Lenten Mercy Challenge: Pray & Fast During Lent This Year of Mercy

    Teresa Tomeo on Feb 07, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Lenten Mercy Challenge FlyerCan you believe it is almost Lent already? It seems like Dominick and I just put the Christmas tree away and took down the decorations! But I think that this year it seems we need Lent early. Snow storms, the presidential election, the crises in the Middle East and Europe, Planned Parenthood scandals, and a world that seems bent on descending into more chaos and confusion really brings forth to me how important it is to slow down and concentrate on what is really important – to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and bring His light to this dark world. We need the time Lent provides to go deep in prayer with the Lord. To reevaluate what He wants us to do to spread His love and mercy to those we come in contact with.



  • Miracles in the Snow: Turnpike Masses, Media Coverage & More Graces Abound in Post-March for Life Blizzard

    Teresa Tomeo on Jan 25, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Miracles in the Snow: Turnpike Masses, Media Coverage & More Graces Abound in Post-March for Life Blizzard via @TeresaTomeo


    “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

    - Romans 8:28


    The East Coast is still digging out from a blizzard that was of historic proportions. And that’s putting it mildly according to the weather gurus and those of us, including yours truly, who were in the middle of it all when Winter Storm Jonas decided to make a name for himself in Washington, New York, the Jersey shore, parts of Pennsylvania, and plenty of other places in between. This epic Nor'easter dumped several feet of snow and clobbered major cities, shut down airports big and small, closed government offices, and forced everything but emergency vehicles off the roads. Forty eight people have died. The entire world, or so it seemed, came to a screeching halt - except the pro-lifers at the March for Life and the Catholic Church.



  • Why I March for Life: A Pro-Life Voice for the Voiceless

    Teresa Tomeo on Jan 19, 2016
    Tagged in: Pro-life

    Why I March by @TeresaTomeo

    A few years ago one of my radio listeners approached me before a speaking engagement. She thanked me for my ministry and specifically made a point of mentioning my work to keep pro-life efforts front and center, especially on my radio program. Then she handed me a small and lovely stone carving engraved with the words from Proverbs 31:8:


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