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February 13th

St. Joseph's Catholic Church,

Maumee, Ohio

"Live in My Love: An Evening

Celebrating the Sacrament

of Marriage.

Teresa Tomeo &

Deacon Dominick

Keynote Speakers

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(419) 893-4848


February 14th

San Marino Club

Troy, Michigan

World Marriage Day Dinner

Teresa Tomeo

& Deacon Dominick: Emcees

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March 9th

Catholic Central Mom's

Club Lenten Retreat

Detroit, Michigan

Teresa Tomeo &

Deacon Dominick: Presenters

Private Event


March 13th-18th

Catholic View for Women

Taping and Pilgrimage

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The Catholic View For Women


May 11th-21st

Roman Holiday for

Couples Retreat

Teresa Tomeo, Deacon Dom

Pastore & Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Rome & Amalfi

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May 23rd-30th

Pilgrimage for Deacons

& their families to

Assisi, Rome & Orvieto

Teresa Tomeo &

Deacon Dom Pastore

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June 17th-26th

WINE & Shrine Pilgrimage

Tour of Great Female Saints

Teresa Tomeo, Kelly Wahlquist

& Sarah Christmyer to

Rome, Assisi, Norcia & Siena

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August 13th-22nd

Pilgrimage to Poland in the

Footsteps of Sts. John Paul II,

Faustina & Maximillian Kolbe

Steve & Janet Ray

and Teresa Tomeo

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September 1st-8th

Canonization of Mother Teresa

Pilgrimage w/Steve & Janet Ray

Teresa Tomeo

Rome & Assisi

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Take It From Teresa

Teresa Tomeo is considered one of today's leading contemporary Catholic thinkers and teachers. Here you will find her popular Eye on Culture column published through Our Sunday Visitor newspaper as well as her thoughts and reflections on issues of the day.

  • Lenten Mercy Challenge: Pray & Fast During Lent This Year of Mercy

    Teresa Tomeo on Feb 07, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Lenten Mercy Challenge FlyerCan you believe it is almost Lent already? It seems like Dominick and I just put the Christmas tree away and took down the decorations! But I think that this year it seems we need Lent early. Snow storms, the presidential election, the crises in the Middle East and Europe, Planned Parenthood scandals, and a world that seems bent on descending into more chaos and confusion really brings forth to me how important it is to slow down and concentrate on what is really important – to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and bring His light to this dark world. We need the time Lent provides to go deep in prayer with the Lord. To reevaluate what He wants us to do to spread His love and mercy to those we come in contact with.



  • Miracles in the Snow: Turnpike Masses, Media Coverage & More Graces Abound in Post-March for Life Blizzard

    Teresa Tomeo on Jan 25, 2016
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Miracles in the Snow: Turnpike Masses, Media Coverage & More Graces Abound in Post-March for Life Blizzard via @TeresaTomeo


    “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

    - Romans 8:28


    The East Coast is still digging out from a blizzard that was of historic proportions. And that’s putting it mildly according to the weather gurus and those of us, including yours truly, who were in the middle of it all when Winter Storm Jonas decided to make a name for himself in Washington, New York, the Jersey shore, parts of Pennsylvania, and plenty of other places in between. This epic Nor'easter dumped several feet of snow and clobbered major cities, shut down airports big and small, closed government offices, and forced everything but emergency vehicles off the roads. Forty eight people have died. The entire world, or so it seemed, came to a screeching halt - except the pro-lifers at the March for Life and the Catholic Church.



  • Why I March for Life: A Pro-Life Voice for the Voiceless

    Teresa Tomeo on Jan 19, 2016
    Tagged in: Pro-life

    Why I March by @TeresaTomeo

    A few years ago one of my radio listeners approached me before a speaking engagement. She thanked me for my ministry and specifically made a point of mentioning my work to keep pro-life efforts front and center, especially on my radio program. Then she handed me a small and lovely stone carving engraved with the words from Proverbs 31:8:


  • Keeping Your Marriage Merry This Christmas & Beyond

    Teresa Tomeo on Dec 22, 2015
    Tagged in: Pope Francis

    Christmas blog pinEach year we no doubt do our best to make Christmas special for those we love. We bring out the good china. We drag boxes of decorations up from the basement. We bake cookies, make homemade pasta, and roast the biggest turkey we can find. This only happens once a year after all, and we want to make the most of it. Celebrating the birth of the Savior of the World is a beautiful part of our faith. But as Pope Francis reminded Vatican employees this week, the celebrations aren't only meant for once or twice a year. Too many of us take our families and more specifically our spouses for granted.



  • The Year of Mercy: Because God Isn't Done With Us Yet

    Teresa Tomeo on Dec 07, 2015
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Jesus statue giving compassionGod loves us right where we’re at, but he also loves us too much to keep us there.” I heard this said several years ago at a retreat. It comes to mind very vividly as we begin this Jubilee Year of Mercy.


    Pope St. John Paul the Second said “as the family goes so goes the nation and the world.” So a great place to start practicing the Works of Mercy is at home, with our children and our spouses. I never thought much about applying the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy to my marriage; not until my husband and I were approached to do a book on just that. Then I started to re-think about those Works of Mercy; part of my catechesis that I had long forgotten. What does feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, ransoming the captive or visiting those in prison have to do me and my husband? But when I actually stopped to really reflect, I realized my reversion to the Church began with my husband ransoming me from a spiritually dangerous and extremely worldly lifestyle. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my faith and ministry if it wasn’t for his willingness to be mercy to me at a very difficult time in our lives. And how beautiful to continually bear wrongs patiently and forgive offenses willingly, as we are instructed in the Spiritual Works of Mercy? What husband or wife can’t relate to the need for more of both especially when we look in the mirror?



  • Unpacking Pope Francis' Words During U.S. Papal Visit: How Will YOU Respond?

    Teresa Tomeo on Sep 28, 2015
    Tagged in: Untagged 

    Pope in Fiat cropThe Pope is back home in Rome safe and sound after his trips to Cuba and the United States. These are events Catholics and so many others glued to the TV or their computer following his travels will be unpacking (no pun intended) for months and even years.


    After Pope Benedict’s visit to America, I downloaded the transcripts of his talks, as I wanted to remind myself what he had said, but also wanted to reflect upon it further. And so it goes with Pope Francis. While completely different in their style and approach, both Benedict and Francis brought and bring the world Jesus. They also remind us of our personal responsibilities: that once we encounter Jesus we all have to be willing to be more like Him, and do what we can to make a difference in our own way and in our own circles.


  • World Meeting of Families: A Powerful Display of Catholicism as Pope Francis Arrives in U.S.

    Teresa Tomeo on Sep 23, 2015
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    On Set cropExperiencing the World Meeting of Families - Day 2


    It’s hard to keep track of all the activities going on here at the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) but it sure is exciting, uplifting, and encouraging. Being in the midst of 17 thousand faithful pilgrims from all over the globe makes me realize once again that we are not alone and that there are an awful lot of us on the frontlines doing what we can to promote the faith, first at home and then out there in the parishes and beyond.


  • The Family Indeed is Fully Alive in Philly

    Teresa Tomeo on Sep 21, 2015
    Tagged in: Teresa's Blog

    Isabella w DaddyWorld Meeting of Families Day One: Set Up Day!


    I arrived in the City of Brotherly Love late yesterday to be greeted by images and banners of the Holy Father everywhere; in the airport, on countless banners, in stores, and restaurants. There is great excitement for everyone whether they are local residents or attendees and it’s not just about the visit of the Pope which doesn’t happen until this weekend. Right now, it is the World Meeting of Families that is getting all the attention with the theme of the event being “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.” And you get a real sense of just how alive the Church really is as Catholics from all over the world begin to register and are very excited about the theme as well as the scheduled talks on a variety of issues facing today’s diverse Catholic family. The conference officially opens tomorrow.



  • It's a Great Time to Be Catholic: Let's Witness to Our Faith as Pope Visits U.S.

    Teresa Tomeo on Sep 15, 2015
    Tagged in: Untagged 

    World-Meeting-of-Families-LogoAs it says in the Old Testament Book of Esther, "for such a time as this," and what a great time it is to be Catholic. Given all the hits the faith has taken in recent months and years for being allegedly "out of touch" and "irrelevant" when it comes to things like the teachings on marriage and sexuality, you might be wondering how I can be so upbeat.



  • Fox News to Air Planned Parenthood: The Hidden Harvest Tonight

    Teresa Tomeo on Sep 03, 2015
    Tagged in: Pro-life

    This week on my Catholic Connection radio program I interviewed Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center (MRC) concerning the coverage, or should I say lack thereof, on the part of the major broadcast networks and the powerful and shocking undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood.



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