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T's Upcoming Events


Weekday Mornings,

8-10am ET

Catholic Connection

with Teresa Tomeo 8-10am

EWTN Radio 9-10am ET

Sirius 130 9-10am ET

List of Upcoming Guests

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Wednesday Evenings, 11pm ET

Catholic View for Women

Replays Fridays at 10:30am

Teresa Tomeo, co-host

EWTN Television

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February 28th

Women’s Morning of Spirituality

Memphis, Tennessee

Teresa Tomeo: Keynote Speaker

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March 7th

Iowa Catholic Men’s Conference

Des Moines, Iowa

Teresa Tomeo & Deacon Dominick

Keynote Speakers

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March 8th

Fortifying Faith, Family & Marriage

Catholic Community of Ottawa, IL

Teresa Tomeo & Deacon Dominick

Keynote Speakers

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March 13th & 14th

Feminine Genius Women’s Conference

Diocese of Green Bay Wisconsin

Teresa Tomeo: Keynote Speaker

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March 21st

Catholic Women for Christ

Archdiocese of St. Louis

Women’s Conference

St. Charles, MO

Teresa Tomeo: Keynote Speaker

For Information: (314) 792-7183


April 7-16th

Pilgrimage to Portugal,

Spain & France to Celebrate

The 500th Birthday of

St. Teresa of Avila

Teresa Tomeo with

Steve & Janet Ray

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April 18

Mulieris Dignitatem/

The Dignity of Women

1st Annual Cape Cod

Catholic Women's Conference

Teresa Tomeo; Keynote Speaker

Hyannis, MA

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April 25th

Kansas City Catholic Women’s Conference

Overland Park, Kansas

Teresa Tomeo; Keynote Speaker

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May 21st-30th

Pilgrimage to Turin for a

Special Exhibition of

The Shroud of Turin

& Tours of Assisi, Rome,

Lanciano, Loreto and

San Giovanni Rotando

Teresa Tomeo with

Steve & Janet Ray

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June 1st-3rd

Taping new season of

The Catholic View

For Women at EWTN

Birmingham, AL


June 2nd-5th

Pilgrimage to EWTN

and the Shrine of the

Most Blessed Sacrament

With the Catholic View

for Women Ladies and

Fr. Frank Pavone

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June 5th & 6th

20th Annual Eucharistic Congress

Atlanta, Georgia

Teresa Tomeo; Keynote Speaker

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November 16th-21st

Marriage Retreat Cruise

to the Caribbean on the

Brilliance of the Seas

Retreat Hosts:

Teresa Tomeo Pastore,

Deacon Dominick Pastore

w/Julie & Greg Alexander.

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The Media and Your Pro-Life Message PDF Print E-mail


Media Training and Consulting for Pro Life Leaders and Ministries

Full or Half Day Sessions Available

teresa_media_prolifeMyths and misinformation abound in media coverage of pro-life issues. The blatant media bias combined with the constant stream of violent programming and sexually promiscuous messages from Hollywood, TV programming, and the music industry make for a hostile environment for pro-life messages as well as add to the over all desensitization as it relates to the dignity of the human person. Yet it’s crucial for pro lifers to realize that we ignore the media at our own peril.

Through her media training and consulting sessions, media expert and veteran newswoman Teresa Tomeo, offers strategies on how to not only respond to the media madness but to learn how to promote the pro-life message through both secular and Christian media outlets.

Teresa’s sessions include:


  • A look inside the newsroom to help pro lifers understand the daily decision making process.
  • Mock radio, TV, and print interviews and critiques: real life scenarios to help you and your pro-life leaders gain confidence in front of the cameras and microphones.
  • No-nonsense strategies for getting and staying connected to media managers as well as getting your stories covered.
  • Dos and Don’ts of media interviewing.
  • Development and delivering of story ideas.
  • Writing and sending press releases.
  • Sage advice on how to maximize coverage on Christian and conservative talk media outlets.


Don’t miss your opportunity to learn the most effective ways to promote your pro-life message through the media. Call Teresa Tomeo Communications today at (586) 777 2691. Or e mail .