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Catholic Women's Retreat

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St. Michael's &

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October 12-14

Parish Soft Users Conference

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November 15-21

Join Teresa Tomeo, Deacon Dom

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2nd Annual Marriage Retreat& Cruise

Brilliance of the Seas

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Now More Than Ever, Please Consider the Source PDF Print E-mail

Cell phone  morgue file smRecently a listener to my radio program sent me an email. She was very upset and wanted to know why Pope Francis was suddenly telling the world that divorce was morally acceptable. This woman was beside herself because she has married children who are struggling in their relationships and she fears that the Pope was giving them just the ammunition they needed to call the divorce lawyers instead of the marriage counselors.


I wish I could say the email was unique. It still happens far too frequently, and even among people of faith. Unfortunately, despite all the studies concerning media bias and sensationalism; even when we hear about more and more Brian Williams type cases of the so- called journalists embellishing the fish tales, most folks for whatever reason, still tend to believe what they see and hear in the secular press.


Little did my listener know that Pope Francis was actually preaching the opposite. The theme of his June 24th General Audience message centered on the wounds of the family. He encouraged parents to treat one another lovingly and reminded them of how fighting and marital problems have a ripple effect that greatly impacts not only the couple, but their children. He also mentioned that sometimes in extreme circumstances a temporary separation might be necessary, but only in extreme cases where there was violence, abuse, or exploitation; and in order to protect the weaker spouse and the children. His words, of course, accurately reflect Church teaching and are a far cry from even remotely encouraging divorce, but that didn’t stop the media from running with a story that fit their agenda. When I explained this to my listener she apologized for jumping to conclusions and reacting too quickly to something she saw on the local news.


I find the same thing happening now that the Supreme Court has made so called “same-sex marriage” the law of the land. The press has abandoned any sense of balance or objectivity and has gone over to the cheerleading and propagandist camp. Another listener contacted me to tell me about how his newspaper, a major daily, was so thrilled with the SCOTUS ruling that management “popped for lunch” for the entire staff in honor of “the historic day.” Another news outlet The Patriot News/Penn Live is sticking with its special editorial policy of not printing letters that disagree with the ruling, unless those agreements have to do with the legal issues. Since same-sex marriage is legal then that must mean it’s completely moral as well, so no need for any more discussion. Case closed. Front page headlines such as “We Do” and “We are Family” that greeted the ruling show an obvious bias as opposed to even an attempt at balance. We have to really understand just the importance of accuracy and truth, or lack thereof, when it comes to the mass media.


So I may sound like a broken record, or to be more contemporary, a broken iPad, but here are some suggestions as to how we can better navigate these very tumultuous times we find ourselves in:


1) When it comes to stories, sound bites, tweets, posts, or any information regarding Church teaching and social issues that directly impact our faith and religious freedom, the source of that information has to be paramount.


2) Compile a list of reputable sources that are reliable and have a true knowledge of the Church and what it teaches. Here’s a list of solid Catholic sources for you to keep and pass along to as many people as possible:


3) Seek truth, goodness, and encouragement through positive books and other materials, such as:

  • Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle's lovely books
  • Mother of 10 & author Patti Maguire Armstrong's books on families, hope and inspiration
  • Lisa Hendey's book The Grace of Yes, about generous living and the ability to joyously say yes to God.
  • The new inspirational book by Randy Hain Joyful Witness: How to Be an Extraordinary Catholic. It is a collection of stories about Catholics from all different backgrounds who faced challenges, but in the end made a difference and are still making a difference. It is exactly what the doctor ordered. The stories will inspire you that with God all things are possible. And who doesn’t need more joy right now?
  • Also, consider spreading the beauty of Catholicism to others, especially the youth and their parents who may never have heard the true message of Christ. Programs like the GoodNews! Book Fair, developed by Catholic author Lizette Lantigua, can spread the teachings of real charity, love and compassion to churches and schools.


4) It is imperative that you deepen your relationship with Christ. This will strengthen you and allow Christ's peace to calm the storms of fear and confusion that you may be feeling. I highly recommend these resources:


Let me close by urging you to remember that Christ has conquered the evil one. Be not afraid! You must consider the source of what you read about the Church and happenings in our culture and society. Be a joyful witness and never ever let the devil steal your joy!

Marriage Retreat Cruise in 2015! PDF Print E-mail

Marriage Cruise 2015 Cover 350x271Join Teresa Tomeo Pastore and Deacon Dominick Pastore, plus Julie and Greg Alexander of the Alexander House Ministry for the second annual Marriage Retreat Cruise! Last year's Marriage Cruise was a huge success and this year's cruise is sure to be another blessing for Catholic couples wanting to have a beautiful vacation experience and strengthen their marriages. The splendid Royal Caribbean ship, The Brilliance of the Seas, will take you on a 5-day cruise to George Town and Cozumel in the warm, luscious Caribbean. You'll be able to participate in the daily Mass, hear marriage nourishing talks by the Pastores and the Alexanders, view Teresa Tomeo broadcast her weekday international radio show Catholic Connection, and of course, enjoy all the ship and the lovely Caribbean has to offer. Revel in beautiful beaches, amazing ship-board fun, and all with the one you love! And best yet it is November 16th-21st. While the cold and snow blow at home, you can be warm and romantic in one of the most beautiful places in the world and nourish your faith at the same time. For more information view the cruise brochure and then call Corporate Travel Service at 800-727-1999.

Teresa on Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk PDF Print E-mail

dobsonBe sure not to miss Dr. Meg Meeker's interview with Teresa Tomeo on Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk radio show. Dr. Meeker and Teresa discuss the trouble with Fifty Shades of Grey. Is it really that bad? Is it OK to read the books and see the movie? Listen to Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

March for Life Pics! PDF Print E-mail

Jeanne Monahan2 smCheck out all of Teresa's great March For Life 2015 pictures, like this one with the Director of the March For Life, Jeanne Monahan!

Facebook: MrsTeresaTomeo

Pinterest: TeresaTomeo/MarchForLife

Instagram: Teresa.Tomeo


Open Up the Big Picture of the Catholic Faith! PDF Print E-mail

Symbolon Learn More 400x216Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained is a new catechetical program that will help you learn the Catholic faith, teach you how to live it, and how to articulate it to others. I am so proud and excited to be part of this program, along with Johnnette Benkovic, Patrick Coffin, Jason and Crystalina Evert, Tim Gray, Curtis Martin, Chris Stefanick, and many others who unpack the Catholic faith and call people to live it more deeply.


You might be familiar with different aspects of the Catholic faith. But how does it all fit together? And what difference does it make for our lives? Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained opens up the “big picture” of the Catholic faith. Through beautifully crafted teaching and state-of-the-art video, author, speaker and theologian Dr. Edward Sri leads a team of dynamic teachers who provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of the Catholic faith.


Filmed on location in Rome, the Holy Land, Calcutta and in the Augustine Institute studios in Denver, Symbolon— Part I: Knowing the Faith journeys through the core teachings of the Catholic Church, and Symbolon—Part II: Living the Faith focuses on our encounter with God in the sacraments and moral life. It is produced by a strategic partnership of the Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press and Lighthouse Catholic Media.


If we are going on a journey, we want to make sure we are going in the right direction. In our walk with God, how do we know that we are following what Jesus and His apostles really taught? Symbolon helps us go in the right direction and help guide others. Its digital platform now enables parishes, schools and individuals to access all its resources online through a computer, phone or tablet. You and your whole family, your bible study group or small faith community can learn from excellent videos and tools. It is an excellent program for adult formation in your parish and in RCIA programs. Here is an excerpt of my video with Dr. Edward Sri.


Join Teresa on Pinterest! PDF Print E-mail

Did you know that Teresa Tomeo is now on Pinterest? Come see and share images on Teresa's pinboards dedicated to Catholic sprituality, Our Lady, travel, media awareness, and much more, here.


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How to Have Happiness in This Life & Beyond PDF Print E-mail


“Tackle a To-Do List that’s Simply Divine.”

 Scripture tells us only God knows the desires of our hearts. It was, after all, God who placed them there because they are designed to lead us to His will for our lives. Why, then, is it so challenging at times to figure out if we are on the right track when it comes to what we believe we want or need? God's Bucket List: Heaven's Surefire Way to Happiness in This Life and Beyond a new book by Teresa Tomeo examines what God wants for each of us: mercy, fruitfulness, fellowship, and peace, just to name a few, and explains what the Christian faith teaches about these gifts and how we can begin to achieve and cross out, one by one, the items on that heavenly list. God's Bucket List, published by Random House/Image Books, is available in hardcover from booksellers nationwide. It is also available in Kindle and Nook e-book formats. Order today!

God's Bucket List - What Plan Does God Have For Your Life PDF Print E-mail

Teresa's popular new book God's Bucket List: Heaven's Surefire Way to Happiness in This Life and Beyond can show you what plans God has for your life. Watch this video and find out how. The book is available in Hardcover and in the Kindle and Nook e-book formats! PDF Print E-mail

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"The United States was founded, in large part, by people seeking freedom of religion. Yet today, religious freedom is under attack as never before. To stay informed about what's happening in the U.S. and around the world, watch EWTN television and radio and follow this website."